How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
~ Dr. Seuss

With everything that was going on on my last day at work, if felt like the day was over before I had even realised it had begun. I look at the clock it’s 11, then 2 then the next time I look, something strange happens…I freeze. I look at my phone exactly as the time crosses over from 4:58 to 4:59.

Then bang, the whole thing hits me like a shovel to the face, and suddenly i know all over that the time is 4:59, and I have one minute of my job left, one minute until the decision I have made, and all those finer details I have been planning, stressing, deliberating, banging my head against a table, and generally stewing over for almost a year now are about to set off in chain reaction, just as soon as the clock hits 5:00.

I watch the clock, take one last long deep breath and look around the place, listening to that sort of not noise that you get in an office, thinking about everything it’s taken to make the move to get myself out of the office world, and everything that’s awaiting me, and then I have one of those long, deep, genuine smiles to myself, which breaks into a body tensing sort of excitement just as the clock hits 5! like the explosion of the first firework in a display. He’s out the door!!

That felt good, and it was just the start of it all. This blog is going to change into a intense account of a hard and testing experience very soon, detailing the finer points of the struggle, and probably confirming what a moaning, whining complaining little brat I can be, but before the teacher training even begins, the reward of walking out of that office knowing that the time in my life where I spent 5 out of 7 days a week, sitting behind a desk in an environment where the light and air were artificial, wasting the prime years of my life has finally come to an end! Something that I have been trying to achieve for what seems like an eternity.



“1 day left to go of a career in I.T lasting 7 years. 3 days left to go before 99 bikram yoga classes each lasting 90 minutes, completed in 69 days. About 7 inhales every 10 seconds makes 42 a minute which means…wait….about 3780 every class so, throughout training that’s about  370000 breaths give or take. that means ill be doing standing separate leg for over blah blah blah blah blah”

This was my head in standing separate leg head to knee tonight, before I caught me talking to myself, and jumped in with the usual; focus and breathe dude, focus and breathe… stop talking to yourself and fooooocccccuuusss man….
It really is 3 days before training and I really do only have one day left in my career before me and the voices in my head go to B.Y.T.T spring 2013, and learn to become an awesome yoga teacher, and we’re pretty excited about it all!

Excited, and ready. Everything is done happening, and I just want to get over there, and get to dieing slowly and painfully whilst being shouted and jeered at by a man on a podium wearing nothing but skimpy black under pants and a microphone.

My nerves have receded almost completely, i have been eating trash food, i have not been practicing half as much as i feel i should be, i guess everything feels like its in a state of anticipation, but its been like that for weeks now, and my energy is running low. I was kind of worried about this last night during practice  until i spoke to one of the teachers afterwards and she told me, just to back off and give myself a rest before the real practice begins. 

I think this is good advice, its been a strange feeling this week, the last week and the countdown actually begins for real…reality starts to kick in as you slowly come to terms with the fact that the person you are and the mindset that you have this day, that is the person you will be flying over to L.A as, and not this ultra prepared, calm cool and collected yogi you’ve been imagining you will be when the last week finally arrives. There is no magical shift, but as Hunter S Thompson said; buy the ticket, take the ride.